Kitchen Cabinets in Brea, CA

Is your kitchen cabinet currently sagging with a crooked door and scratches? If so, the cabinetry in your kitchen may be of poor quality and requires replacement. 

Investing in high-quality kitchen cabinets in Brea, CA that can be functional and look visually pleasing, matching the kitchen’s overall theme is always wise. 


Kitchen Cabinets in Brea, CA


Characteristics of a High-Quality Kitchen Cabinets in Brea, CA

When purchasing kitchen cabinets, here are the characteristics to look out for to ensure high quality and durability:


  • Soft-close Hinges


Hinges are considered a crucial kitchen cabinet component since it is impossible to open or close a cabinet door without them. Cabinet hinges may come in various finishes, types, and features that make them function differently from others. 

However, soft-close hinges are the best type that feature six ways: in-out, left-right, and up-down. 

Soft hinges can also be adjusted when the cabinet doors contract and expand amidst seasonal changes throughout the year. 


  • Full-height back panels


The installation and strength of kitchen cabinets in Brea, CA depend on their back construction. Good quality kitchen cabinetry features a heavy full-back panel made of plywood. 

Some kitchen cabinet manufacturers use picture-frame structures such as metal hang rails, thin panels, and brackets that are less expensive. However, it can result in falling cabinets that can cause serious accidents. 

The biggest reason behind cabinet collapse is its back panel failing to support it. The construction of the cabinet’s back contributes to the strength of the cabinet and how easy it is to install in a kitchen. 

It is best to avoid such flaws in the name of cost-effectiveness and invest instead in something safe and sound, particularly cabinets with plywood back. 


  • Undermount, Soft-Close Drawer Glides


The drawer glides are another crucial feature of kitchen cabinets and an area wherein some manufacturers can see an opportunity to cut corners. High-quality glides or slides are essential if you want a smooth, silent kitchen cabinet drawer for many years.

A kitchen cabinet can also hold a lot of weight, which adds to the importance of having solid and well-made glides. With low-quality glides, sagging kitchen cabinets tend to get stuck or get too loose.

The best glides in kitchen cabinets have ball bearings and are made of steel. This ensures that the kitchen cabinets and drawers open and close smoothly and last long.


  • Melamine Interior


The cabinet’s interior is also significant in terms of its construction since it consists of shelves or drawers that store kitchen essentials. 

The cabinet’s interior must be easy to clean, non-porous, and withstand any damage, such as staining and wear and tear, with years of usage.

Melamine is one of the preferred interior surfaces for kitchen cabinets and drawers. Melamine is usually available in light colors and can be easily attached to particleboard, wood veneers, and plywood. Furthermore, melamine is also durable, stain, water, and fire resistant. It can be cleaned with the help of strong household solutions, unlike other smooth laminate surfaces.


  • Face Frames


Face frames are also indicators of a high-quality kitchen cabinet. Homeowners can opt for a framed or frameless cabinet. 

Framed cabinets feature a solid hardware frame attached to the front of a cabinet box, comprising drawer glides and door hinges. Meanwhile, frameless cabinets feature doors fixed directly to the cabinet box sides.


Get New Kitchen Cabinets in Brea, CA at Bondi Kitchen & Bath Design Center


Along with the other kitchen design elements, cabinetry is one of the biggest influencers of the overall kitchen style. The kitchen cabinetry is among the first things that visitors can spot in one’s kitchen, so they will have a big say in the look, feel, and overall appeal of a kitchen. 


Ensuring its functionality in the long term is also crucial. Investing in high-quality kitchen cabinets with specific characteristics that indicate their quality can make for a functional kitchen for a long time.

For more details about high-quality kitchen cabinets in Brea, CA, visit Bondi Kitchen & Bath Design Center.